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Ron Edwards With rock NASAR Sartech1 area sent search dog    Rock NASAR Certified SARTECH1 Search And Rescue Dog    Rock NASAR Certified Search and Rescue Dog

Ron Edwards    and    Roc

Liz Edwards with CoCo Sartech 2 area scent search dog    COCO NASAR Certified Search and Rescue Dog

Liz Edwards and CoCo

Tracy Ferguson with Watson Tracking trailing search dog

Tracy Kuttin-Ferguson and Watson

Jim O'Brien with Keck NASAR Sartech 1 area scent Search Dog     Keck NASAR Certified SARTECH1 search and rescue dog

Jim O'Brien and Keck

 Sherry Easly with Miss Tracking and trailing dog    Miss Tracking and trailing dogMiss Tracking Trailing dog

Sherry Easly and Miss

Berni Zinda with Abby tracking and trailing dog

Bernadine Zinda and Abby

Bruce Becker with Boggie tracking and Trailing Dog

Bruce Becker and Bogie

SAR K9 CO-OP Grary Dalton

Gary Dalton

SAR K9 CO-OP, INC. is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit - our service is completely FREE.

 A Missing Person is an Emergency - Please Call 911


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